Empowering women to align with their inner Goddess



I'm April, a boudoir photographer based in Airdrie, Alberta Canada. I am on a mission of love, self-acceptance and creative freedom.

Being a boudoir photographer allows me the chance to inspire women on how to love and accept who we are. I have learned that beauty truly comes from within and we all possess it in immense quantities.

I feel so privileged that I can align my life with a creative purpose that can have a positive impact on so many beautiful souls.

It has truly been an adventure, and I can't wait to see where I end up as a creative and more importantly as a person.

Much Love,


Makeup Artist


"Hey there! I’m a proud mom to two wonderful boys and two adorable fur babies. Balancing life with being a perfectionist with a hot temper can be quite the juggle, but hey, it keeps things interesting! I find solace in laughter and believe that a good sense of humor is the best way to navigate life’s ups and downs.

What truly lights up my world is making women feel special and forming deep bonds with them. From inspiring self-love to empowering every woman I meet, it’s my calling to spread positivity and confidence. Alongside that, teaching makeup and hair techniques is my jam! There’s nothing more fulfilling than helping others uncover their unique beauty and embrace their inner goddess. Let’s create magic together!"

Studio Assistant


Hi babes!!!

I'm the studio assistant working behind the scenes at Goddess Boudoir.


I run things in the background so April can focus her talents on creating beautiful Art.

I fell in love with boudoir photography because it adds that touch of MAGIC and SPICE to our otherwise ordinary lives.


April has a way of making everyone feel extraordinary, and her photo sessions reflect her passion for creating unforgettable moments. Each woman leaves feeling like a star!

I am embracing this journey of self-love, and as I learn about loving who I am, I hope I can inspire other babes to discover their own potential and unique qualities. Because every woman is a Goddess!